Last Minute DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

OMG tomorrow is Mother’s day! I know what your thinking. I was like that for almost a holidays I had such nice plans but had to quickly think up something else because I had not counted my days. Here are some super cute ideas. 

  • This first one should not go by itself it is not nice enough for your mother. It is fun to make and a little add on you can give. You could even try making it with your mother. Google has a website for making this.
  • This necklace is a really neat idea. It has your unique fingerprint. You can make it bigger and make it a flat stone and put your whole hand on it.
  • You can make a custom mug in about 2 hours! Fill it with candy, flowers, or small pretty stones. You can try a marble one made with nail polish or a sharpie one. There are so many more you can try! I searched diy mugs on Pinterest and found some pretty good ideas.
  • You can put a candle in a jar or in that DIY mug. Find a free printable online for your candle.
  • Sugar scrubs are great to rub on your face or sooth an aching muscle. You can put this into a jar and print a free printable online. Even Google a knitted jar cover. That pattern calls for a magic loop. I never taught you how to do that in my knitting course here is a video.

I hope this was helpful! Comment how your project went. Share this post with your friends that may need this. Thank you for supporting my blog have a good day.

Mother's Day Gifts Post

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